Healthy Hire Healthy Retire provides assistance to first responders, veterans and their families in crisis. We also advocate for the routine monitoring of first responder's physical and mental health from the start of their career to the end of their career. The number of first responder suicides and health conditions caused as a side affect of the job continue to rise. We need to take a more proactive approach to overall health in first responders.

Your donations will go towards the following. 

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall are:

1. To provide scholarships for treatment related to alcohol, substance abuse or mental health
2. To cover or contribute to travel expenses to and from treatment
3. To cover expenses of miscellaneous activities or items for families of fallen first responders and veterans
4. To sponsor PTSD and Trauma trainings for first responder agencies and veterans
5. To host events that benefit first responder/veteran health and wellbeing 
6. To help provide prevention resources for physical and mental health



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